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Reunion 2011
The Great Warhawk Nation Returns to Las Vegas

Jets arrived at Nellis on 9 Jan 11 and will depart on 26 Feb 11 in support of Red Flag and Green Flag exercises. On 14 Jan 11 past and present-day Warhawks gathered at the Nellis O'Club for the first formal reunion with the newly-reactivated 480th FS. The main focus of the reunion was to pass on several items of memorabilia, among them the famous 480th TFS wooden 3-D patch. The patch was carved "back in the day" by Jim "Black Bart" Brown, and hung in "Suzie's Bar" for many years until the squadron was deactivated. The patch was renovated for the occasion and will return to it's righful place with the Warhawks at Spangdahlem.

Many adult beverages were consumed. The war stories and Jeremiah Weed flowed like the waters of the Mosel. The Warhawk Cheer reverbrated through the halls of the O'Club, reminding the rest of the fighter community gathered there that "we're the best fighter squadron - all the others suck".

Many thanks to J.D. "Dirtbag" Lyles for honcho-ing the event.

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The photo of Jim Brown's penis has been removed because, well, you couldn't see it anyway...