Welcome to The Hog Log Mail Llist, named in fond rememberance of that magical book kept behind the Duty Desk, used by the Duty Pig (or anyone else with a urge to pen a short missive) to record the day's events.

Currenrtly, we correspond with other Warhawks "en masse" by creating an email (or Replying to an email) and then copying/pasting/attaching 150 email addresses to it. Most of us attach these messages "in the clear" - i.e., not in the BCC field - which is not very secure.

Most of us also have email providers that won't let us send an email to 150 people at once. There's a word for that in the industry - they call it "spam".

So we created the Hog Log Mail List. If you're new to using a mail list, here's how it works. You "subscribe" to the list with an email address, and thereafter use that email address for all correspondence to the list. To "post" to the list you send an email to a single email address. All other subscribers to the list then receive your email. If they post an email replying to or commenting on your email, everyone on the list gets that email message as well. You get the drift.
Each email you receive from the list carries the poster's personal email address, so you can email them one-on-one, "off list", anytime. It's a much more efficient method of abusing, deriding, and ridiculing other Warhawks than our current mass emailing scheme.Insofar as we don't have a master recall roster of all Warhawks who ever was, we can't really restrict people from subscribing. We can, however, remove someone who is using the list for other than it's stated purpose, or proves in some other way that they "don't belong".

Content (language, subject matter) WILL NOT be moderated (we're all adults here - well, mostly), unless it is obvious phishing or spam.

One note of caution: as we cannot limit who subscribes, posting personal information to the list (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) is done at your own risk.

Ready to subscribe? Click HERE to go to the Subscription page. Welcome aboard!