The Significance of the Warhawk Patch

The emblem symbolizes the squadron and its primary mission. The hawk, native to the vast forests of Louisiana, the state in which the unit was originally activated, is a bird of fierceness, great flying speed and maneuvering skill, and a most appropriate symbols to represent those qualities in the squadron.

The hawk’s red eye and tightly set beak indicate the blazing courage and determination with which the wearers of this emblem will meet their appointed tasks.

The shock wave indicated the high performance aircraft used by a USAF tactical fighter squadron. The green color of the shock wave and the white background reflects the squadron colors. The emblem also bears the Air Force colors, ultramarine blue and golden yellow. Approved circa March 1959.

480th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)

580th Aerial Resupply Squadron

480th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, 480th Tactical Fighter Squadron
1957-1959, 1962-1966

480th Tactical Fighter Squadron
1966 -1971

480th Tactical Fighter Squadron
1976 -1994

480th Fighter Squadron
2010 – Present