Tommy Lee Collinson

dec. 23 June 2017

The Great Warhawk Nation mourns the loss of a true Warhawk, Tommy Collinson. Tommy Lee Collinson, beloved family man and friend passed away the day after his 61st birthday, in Las Vegas Nevada, due to heart failure. Tom was born in Woodstock, Ill. on June 22, 1956 to Harold and Marliss Collinson. He attended the UW, Superior, WI. He graduated and was commissioned in May, 1978. He led his life as an adventurer, and mentor, all while being dedicated to aviation. As a young man he flew with distinction for the US Air Force (affectionately known as “Sausage Fingers”, Tommy was an outstanding aviator and a key member of “Marlin’s Wild Kingdom” at Spangdahlem circa 1980-1983), and paved a career as a flight dispatcher in the years that followed. He leaves behind friends and family whom were profoundly touched by his unflinching work ethic, love of wine and cigars, and his generous heart. Tom is survived by his wife Cheryl, children; Travis and Marcy, parents; Harold and Marliss, 6 siblings, their spouses and children. Memorial Suggestions include Disabled Veterans of America, and Honor Flight of Nevada. Information online.

Celebration of Life for Tommy Lee Collinson

After-Action Report

Date: Friday, 11 August 2017
Time: 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Place: The Pioneer Saloon, 310 NV-161, Goodsprings NV, 89019

Tommy’s family, friends, co-workers and Warhawk brethren (Cheryl, Marcy and Travis Collinson.  Sheila Harrington.  David and Karen Lyles.  Pete and Jackie Zimowski.  Larry Overmyer.  Jim Brown.  Paul Meyer.  Gary Ball.  Rex Hoey) shared a beautiful evening at the rustic (but amazing) Pioneer Saloon in the sprawling metropolis of Goodsprings, Nevada.

In keeping with time-honored traditions of gathered Warhawks, many adult beverages and burgers were consumed, and many (mostly exaggerated) stories and tales of Warhawk lore were exchanged.  The assembled celebrants gathered to share remembrances of Tommy and throw nickels on the grass in his honor and memory.

CLICK HERE to view an album of photos from the evening.