Great Warhawk Reunion CANCELED

I sadly must report today that we have decided to CANCEL the Reunion planned for 23-25 April due to the current situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus.

We could say “postpone” as we will look for the earliest opportunity in the future to gather this august group. But the event in April is CANCELED.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but what is a Reunion without people? I believe that if we pressed the issue within the current situation, none of us would have the wonderful experience that a Great Warhawk Reunion deserves.

If you’ve booked airline tickets please contact your airline for reservation change/cancellation rules. We believe that this is a good time to take advantage of airline ticket flexibility, rather than wait until closer to the event.

As far as hotel and Reunion event refunds are concerned, I will have more information on that in the next few days. Please be patient. Refunds will happen sooner than later.

Many thanks to all of you for your support in this endeavor.

Live safe, fly safe, be safe.  RRF, FILO, and MAGNUM!

Pete “Zimo” Zimowski


Warhawk Alpha Roster

We maintain a roster with an accurate email address (at a minimum) for all Warhawks we can find, past and present.  The purpose is to be able to inform Warhawks of significant events like Reunions and other activities, the passing of Warhawk alumni, and the like. It will NOT be used for advertising and will be held in a secure place online that only YOU and an administrator, which right now is Pete Zimowski, can access. It will not be used for banter – we have the HogLog Google Group for that, which we encourage you to make use of. If you received a recent email message about the Great Warhawk Reunion 2020 you are already on the Roster – if you want to change your contact address use the “update your preferences” link at the bottom of that email.

If you haven’t signed up before, just fill out the form below and follow the instructions in the email that will come to you shortly.  Best practice: PLEASE use a civilian, not .mil address.

Welcome aboard.

MIE (Missing in Email) List

There are still many Warhawks that are currently MIE (Missing in Email).  Click HERE to see the most recent MIE list.  If you see someone on the list you’re in contact with, please point them at this site and suggest they fill out the Alpha Roster form above, or contact


YOU SHOULD JOIN. Simply point your browser HERE. Follow the directions (a major task for some of us) and you’ll be ready to ridicule, abuse, and, yes, sometimes edify, Warhawks of all ages.  DO IT TODAY!

A “Special Heritage Edition” version of Warhawks: An American Fighter Squadron was shown at the 2015 Reunion. This special edition focuses on the squadron’s heritage of excellence and contains never-before-seen footage from all squadron eras. Click HERE or on the image below to go the film’s online home at Vimeo. Please take the time to watch the film in a setting where you can turn up the volume, go full screen, and watch it beginning-to-end uninterrupted.

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