George Richard Keller

5 September 1943 – 27 May 1970

kellerOn 27 May 1970 F-4 aircraft from the 480th Tac Ftr Sqdn were supporting US troops in Cambodia, about 45 miles west of Ban Me Thuot. After making several passes at the target, F-4D tail number 66-0275 flown by Capt George R. Keller, Farmington, NM, and Capt Glenn H. Lee, Honolulu, HI, was hit by enemy fire.

The aircraft’s port wing separated and the F-4 rolled into the ground. On 28 May Graves Registration personnel were able to recover fragmented remains from the crash site and later positively identify them as Captain Keller. While there was no doubt that Captain Lee had died in the crash his remains were not recovered.

In the fall of 1993 the crash site was excavated and additional remains recovered. Aircrew equipment from both crewmen were found in the wreckage, and positive identification of Captain Lee’s remains was announced on 11 May 1994.

A rememberance from F-4 Crew Chief Andrew R. Weston:

“Captain Keller was an Air Force Academy graduate and a professional airman. He represented the image of what you would expect a fighter pilot to be. I was honored to have known him and to serve with him in Phu Cat RVN”.