The long-awaited sequel to the 2009 blockbuster The Great Warhawk Movie is currently in production, with a gala debut scheduled for the upcoming Great Warhawk Reunion in April 2020.

If you have media (photos or video) that you would like to see included in the film (for an appropriate credit and, of course, a share of the gross earnings), please contact Pete Zimowski at We’re especially looking for photos and footage of the Warhawk eras prior to and including VietNam, and 1985-1994 at Spangdahlem.

Playlist of Recent YouTube Videos
Featuring the 480FS at Work and Play

This “special edition” of Warhawks: An American Fighter Squadron was shown at the Saturday evening event at the Warhawk Heritage Weekend in Las Vegas in 2015, and features never-before-seen footage and photos from the Warhawk archives.

Warhawks: An American Fighter Squadron
Trailer 1: “Jets”

Warhawks: An American Fighter Squadron
Trailer 2: “Heroes”

Warhawks: An American Fighter Squadron
Trailer 3: “Rebirth” (2010)

The Great Warhawk Movie
Teaser Trailer (2009)

Warhawks Fly the Famous “Mach Loop”

(First two jets in the video)

Warhawks Take “Road Trip” with FTD to “the ‘Heath”

The Great Warhawk Movie

Warhawk F-16 at the Paris Air Show

480th FS Reactivation Ceremony (2010)
Courtesy of DVIDS