Ahmed “Med” Ragheb

5 Sept 1953 – 14 Aug 2020

From Med’s younger brother, Tarek, on his Facebook post:

Our older brother Ahmed has come a long way from a quaint neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt of the early 60s. My parents brought Ahmed on an adventure to the United States. A Journey not unique to many Americans.

Ever since we were children, Ahmed dreamt of flying. He worked odd jobs and saved his money in 1970 to take a few flying lessons in the local 3M airport in Bucks county, PA . As a 17-year-old high school underage teenage graduate, he wanted to join the United States Air Force. He was so driven, that he somehow managed my parents’ signature to to join the military in the early 70s . That was a time when hardly anyone was volunteering to join the military.

Ahmed had found a home in flying and the military. He started as a simple airman working as a technician on B-52s and F-4 aircraft. Ahmed was so dedicated to flying and the military that he would later earn a college degree and earn his US Air Force wings as a fighter Pilot. Ironically, my brother would later fly the same F-4 fighter aircraft he had worked on as a technician in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war.

The military and flying would see Ahmed rise from a one stripe airman, to a seasoned F-4 and F-16 Lieutenant Colonel fighter pilot. So accomplished was Ahmed, that he would lead his squadron in more than 26 combat missions in the war to liberate Kuwait.

While the military would last 26 years, flying continued as Ahmed developed into a critical senior test pilot for Gulfstream Aerospace. Even after his career in Gulfstream ended, Ahmed continued to fly for a dear friend and managed his fleet of Gulfstream aircraft.

Although the military and flying would stay with him for his entire life, it’s hard to tell which one he loved more. But, what I do know, is what he loved the most! His wife Lori!!! May God always bless her for her unselfish and enduring dedication to our brother. Our brother Ahmed has sadly left us far too soo . My sister Tahia and I will always cherish the time we had with him in his final days.

It’s curious how life is. As one life starts, another life ends. Both of these events of life have their own challenges. It’s the cycle of life itself. This life cycle is happy, sad, and perpetual . It keeps our spirits high when a child is born. We are also saddened, when our loved ones are suddenly taken away from us. Our babies, are born small, but grow ever bigger, giving us the joy of a life time. Fortunately, death is born big, but grows ever smaller over time. That’s God’s will.

And for that, we are forever thankful.

May God have mercy on our brother Ahmed , and give him peace ever after. And may God grant us the fortitude to withstand our loss.