Activated 16 Apr 1951. Inactivated 18 Oct 1956.

B-29s, C-119s, and SA-16s.  Provided evacuation and supply support to Ranger-type personnel in enemy occupied territory.  Conducted training in the delivery of psychological warfare propaganda.  At Wheelus, the 580th trained extensively in preparation for the wartime mission of packaging and aerial delivery of supplies and equipment as required by isolated friendly forces, the evacuation of isolated friendly forces, and the aerial delivery of psychological warfare materials.


1951: Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
1952: Wheelus Field, Libya


Unknown, 16 Apr 1951.
Lt.Col. Harry L. Smith, circa Oct 1952 – unknown.
Lt.Col. Roderick G. Darelins, circa May 1953.
Col Frederick J. Knorre, Jr., 8 Sep 1953 – unknown.
Col. Gilbert F. Noakes, circa Mar 1954 – unknown.