480TFS reactivated 30 Apr 1962, assigned to USAFE at Chaumont Air Base, France (8 May 1962), and later at Phalsbourg AB, France (20 Dec 1962), as part of the 366th TFW once again.  Flew F-84s in training operations and participated in numerous USAFE exercises, including deployments back to Wheelus AB, Libya.  During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the 480th assumed a limited alert commitment.

In July 1963 the 480th (still in the 366th TFW) moved to Holloman AFB, New Mexico, flying the F-84.  They participated in an intensive stream of exercises, test, maneuvers, and demonstrations, including combat survival training.

In November 1963, 480th pilots began transition training in the F-4, although the squadron did not receive its own F-4s until Feb 1965. On 7 May 1965, the 366th TFW transferred its last F-84F to the Air National Guard, and began to prepare for operations in Southeast Asia. The 480th’s first Pacific-theater commitment began in Dec 1965, when its crews ferried five F-4Cs to Clark AB, Phillipines.

By January 1966 the 480th had become fully operational in the F-4C, and on 1 Feb 1966 began deploying from Holloman to DaNang Airport (later to be known as Da Nang Airbase, RVN, to be attached to the 2nd Air Division, 6252nd TFW, and then Seventh Air Force, attached to 35th TFW, 37th TFW, and 12th TFW).


Unknown, 8 May – 9 Jul 1962.
Maj. Leland W. Dawson, 10 Jul 1962
Lt.Col. William E. Archbold, 12 Jul 1962.
Lt.Col. Robert P. Pasqualicchio, 30 Apr 1965.